• [ Talk About It ] - Week 52 - "Another Year"

    “Another year has come and gone / I’m looking back and pressing on / Now I know what I’m gonna do…”

    The first lines of the final week’s song almost perfectly sum up how we feel about The One-Year Challenge and all that we’ve done within the last year. The last year has passed faster than we could’ve imagined and we’ve accomplished quite a bit. Looking back, we realize everything we’ve done has brought us to where we are today. We’re proud to have finished what we started and will never forget the experience. But, we’re also excited and anxious to take the next steps forward and continue making music to share with each and every one of you. We’re determined to press on and reach more of our musical goals as soon as we can. The challenge is done, but we’re just getting started!

    We’ve written 52 songs in 52 weeks. We’ve completed a self-assigned challenge to better ourselves and I believe we have each grown as writers, as musicians, and even as friends. I can’t help but just take a second to stop and think about that. I’m very impressed with what we’ve done together, but I think I may be even more impressed with the potential I believe this group has at its fingertips.  I feel like we’ve found something great and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do next.

    We are so very grateful for all of the support we have received over the past year from each of our families, from all of our friends, and from every single one of you who tuned in with us each week! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and always know that we love you more than all the individual hairs in our beards! ;)

    We see some great things on the horizon and we hope you stick around to see what’s next. Come along with us on this journey forward and we promise to keep making great music to share with the world!

    We’ll be seeing you again soon! ‘Til then…

    - Caleb Fletcher

  • Week 52 - "Another Year"

    It’s Week 52!!! That’s right, it’s the last week of The One-Year Challenge, and we must admit, it’s a bit bittersweet. We’ve worked hard to complete this project and are very excited to have come this far together. We give you our newest song, “Another Year,” and we hope that you enjoy it!

    Check it out…

    Come back here on Monday for the last look into how this song was written. 

    And, again, it’s been a blast creating and sharing this music with you all and we hope you’ll continue on with us as we move forward. We’re making big plans, and we’ll see you soon! ‘Til then…

    - FB&W

  • It’s Week 52!!! Tune in Friday at 5pm CST for the last song of “The One-Year Challenge!”

    P.S. Look what we have! ;)

  • [ Talk About It ] - Week 51 - "Get Back"

    Wow! It is hard to believe that we just released the 2nd to last song of the challenge! It seems like only yesterday that Sam, Caleb, and myself decided to start this crazy project while sitting on my back porch having a sip of our drink of choice. It seemed a little crazy. It seemed quite daunting. But above all, it seemed inspired, risky, challenging, and worth it. It proved to be all those things and many more.

    I simply could not be more proud of myself and my two co-writers. Having just said that, I realize that I may not have expressed that many times before. But, I am very proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished. Now, that’s not to say that I am never proud of myself. I am. But, I think I typically keep those thoughts to myself for fear of seeming overly confident or boastful. However, I now realize that I truly am proud and it feels really good.

    I have learned so much in the last year. I’ve learned about myself. I’ve learned about my friends. I’ve learned about writing music, singing songs, and playing guitar. I’ve learned that it’s ok to write a song that you think might not be the best you’ve ever written. I’ve also learned that it’s ok to think it is. I’ve learned to manage my time better and I’ve learned that sometimes that’s very difficult to do. I’ve learned that it’s ok to be proud (see above). I’ve learned that I have the most supportive girlfriend, brother, parents, family, and friends anyone could ask for. I’ve learned that there is a lot left to learn and I’ve learned that this is just the beginning.

    Looking back at the writing process for this song, I see all the hard work we’ve put in this past year. Like usual, we sat down and started playing guitar. It sounded good. Someone began humming a melody. Lyric ideas were presented, twisted, changed, and agreed upon. Harmonies were written. Should we write a bridge? Absolutely. Let’s practice it. That sounded good. Someone get a voice memo. Perfect. Alright, see you tomorrow for the video recording. Great job! I think that was the take. Let’s post it. It could be said that we have a system of sorts in place and it’s been working. We’ve been creating some great music (we think) and again, I am very proud of everything we’ve done thus far.

    What a blur it’s been. Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with us. Words cannot accurately tell you how much we appreciate it. Please stick with us. We’ve got some great stuff coming up in the near future and we hope that you will come along for the ride.

    - Brandon Bell

    P.S. We hope to see you all at The End of the One-Year Challenge Show at The Rutledge this Saturday, June 28th! It’s gonna be a fun one!

  • Week 51 - "Get Back"

    It’s Week 51! We are so close to finishing this challenge and it still feels like we just started. This song is called “Get Back” and we hope you enjoy it!

    Check it out…

    Meet us here on Monday to find out more about this song. We’ll see you later!

    - FB&W

  • Caleb & Brandon clapped (in sync) to set the take. Needless to say, they surprised themselves. See you tomorrow at 5pm for Week 51!

  • [ Talk About It ] - Week 50 - "Born To Be Free"

    Week 50!!! We are so fortunate to have made it this far, and without you all watching, listening, and reading, this would be a lot less fun for us.

    Born To Be Free was one of the easier songs to write, in my opinion. We have been traveling a good bit lately, and we were coming down to the wire and needed a song soon. We sat down at Caleb’s place and started tossing ideas back and forth about being on the road. Luckily, I am in this trio with two supremely talented guys, so when we got going, this song just kinda popped out.

    The idea of having the itch to get out on the open road is pretty universal. That being said, putting the rubber to the road is one of the best ways for me to relax and clear my mind. I take that freedom for granted too often, but I try my best to appreciate each sunrise and sunset like it may well be my last. I am not a fan of letting my fears stand in the way of how I want to live or dictating what I can or can’t do. I feel like Born To Be Free speaks to that mentality. At the end of my life, I would rather have lived dangerously than been afraid to live at all.

    We are so incredibly blessed to live in this beautiful city and to have the freedom to take on something as unbelievably fun and unbelievably difficult as this writing challenge. But sincerely, the difficulty we have faced so far has fostered our creativity and forced us in new and interesting directions, which is what this has all been about. We have learned to write together and to write well. We’ve created something great.

    The truth of it is — I can hardly believe it. It has gone by so fast (for the most part), and I feel like it was just a few weeks ago we were sitting on the back porch of the Clifton house talking about this crazy idea. And from inception to now, this has been a wild ride. 50 songs down. Only 2 more to go.

    To the ones who have been with us from the beginning — thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and the other guys’ too, I’m sure). And to every single person who has joined us for even one week, we appreciate you greatly. Thank you for everything, and we will see you again soon!

    "Fear doesn’t shut you down. It wakes you up."

    - Sam Ward

    P.S. On June 28th, 1985, Samuel Preston Ward came screaming into the world at a healthy 9lbs, 8oz. — On June 28th, 2014, Samuel Preston Ward will continue screaming at the world with his two brothers in Fletcher, Bell, & Ward at the Rutledge in Nashville, TN for The ‘End of the One-Year Challenge’ Show. We would love it if you could make it out!

  • Week 50 - "Born To Be Free"

    Howdy! It’s Week 50 and we’d like to present to you a new song called “Born To Be Free.” Here’s to cruising out on the highway with nowhere to be!

    Check it out…

    Check back on Monday to read more about this song. We’ll see you later!

    - FB&W

  • Real talk: Caleb hasn’t had a haircut since The One-Year Challenge began. Whoa. See you tomorrow at 5pm for Week 50!

  • [ Talk About It ] -Week 49 - "Dirty Work"

    Breaking hearts is, without a doubt, dirty work. Whether you’re the breaker or the breakee, a little pain is usually involved in the process. It’s a hard truth associated with love and relationships of any kind. That being said, love is a necessary part of life and it can be truly great!

    When we got together to write for Week 49, we weren’t sure what kind of song we were going to create. We started playing guitar and talking about different topics, and before long, a story started to come to the surface about a relationship that was coming to an end. We worked through a few different angles and settled on a situation that was a bit open to interpretation. What I mean by this is that there was no clear reasoning behind the end of the relationship between the two characters in the story. We liked that. This story was not particularly good or bad in one direction; it was simply about coming to a close. However, that didn’t mean that both of the characters in the story would not be experiencing some difficult emotions.

    The chorus really helps to convey the nature of this whole situation. When the main character says, "If you let me down easy / It’ll only make it worse," he is explaining that he knows this ending is going to be hard. He knows that the only way to make it more tolerable is to just get it over with, so-to-speak. What needs to be done must be done and he is almost encouraging his significant other to just go through with it as effortlessly as possible. He is not, however, attempting to soften the blow to each of their hearts. He later says, "You know, you don’t have to tell me / Breaking hearts is dirty work." He knows that this is going to be rough for both of them, but it may be the necessary action. The bridge of the song also shows this viewpoint rather well when he says, "If this is it, this is it / Don’t let me fall again / Make it quick / We both know this is the end." Both parties are struggling with their feelings, but seem to be aware of their current predicament. And, they seem to be slowly moving toward the realization that tough decisions are sometimes vital to survival.

    To me, Dirty Work is a song and a story about more than just the closing of one chapter in these characters’ lives. It is about the self-aware nature of relationships and more importantly, about the hope that lies within each and every person consumed by love. That ideal is one of the main reasons we were intrigued by the way this song developed. The vagueness of the origin of this story was interesting, and no matter what had happened or what will happen with these characters next, there always seemed to be a little bit of hope present. (At least, I thought so…but perhaps I’m just a hopeless romantic.)

    We really hope you enjoyed Dirty Work and we hope you continue to enjoy the music we create for you in the weeks to come! Thanks so much for following along and listening and we’ll see you again very soon!

    - Caleb Fletcher